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One Armed Man + Free Shot + Cyber Sex = What a Weekend

It has been a while since SR and I spent time apart. However, it’s sometimes a very good thing. We plan so much of our time and things around each other that we forget what it’s like to miss each other — what things are like when that person isn’t gonna be home when you get there or you have to figure out how to sleep in a bed that usually has another person in it. Well, this weekend was one of those weekends. SR went up to her parents on Thursday night. I had already had long time plans for my aunt to come visit the city and spend the day with her for her birthday.

Of course, having SR away also brings up some slight awkwardness. The fact that I was gonna be alone for 3 days does put the whole trust issue stuff from the past in our heads, but it was fine. It’s ok to be reminded of that stuff (it’s good for me), but it didn’t create tension (except a little in my mind when planning my weekend out). I had decided that I’d see if R (the male of our bi couple friend) wanted to do a guys night out like out last one. He was totally up for it so since I had to be up early on Sunday we decided on Friday. I was worried that SR would think that I was trying to make something happen by making the plans. But actually I thought it would be better for me to put myself in the bi stuff position with her full knowledge. It would take the edge off of where my mind could wander. Plus while being with R does bring out stuff in me he’s also an example of how I couldn’t live with SR so it does stop me.

We planned out a couple places to go. The first place was completely dead. It picked up by midnight, but was still kinda lame. The second place we went to was much better. The vibe was better and it was free shot with your shirt off so that provided lots of visual atmosphere as well. Plus there was a go-go guy who liked being naked and had a pretty incredible cock. Thick and long and consantly hard. Impressive. Even R was saying he wasn’t quite sure he’d know what to do with it.

We were hanging out and chatting, checking guys out. At one point this guy came up to talk to us. Told us his name was Laird (yeah, right and I’m Hans). We went along with it. We was much more into R and that was cool. I was just hanging watching R go along with his bs lines and stuff. The funny thing about R is that even if he’s ultimately not into someone he’ll let them have a little and if it includes some kissing and fondling then it’s all good to him. Laird brought up that it was free shot with your shirt off, which really a thinly veiled comment to try and get R’s shirt off. However, R was in about 3 layers of clothing (for the cold I guess) and wasn’t going there. So I then became the target because I had a button down shirt on. Laird pretty quickly unbuttoned my shirt. I was a little uncomforable, but I had to see where this was going because I know he goals wasn’t to get my shirt off. Laird’s friend Scott came over to get in on the conversation (He let it slip that Laird’s name was really Tom). So then it needed to be that my shirt came off completely. Got a little manhandled and the shirt was off. Ok… kinda crossed a line. I’ve got my body issues and was defintiely the least in shape guy with a shirt off. But since it was off and they were screaming for my free shot I figured I’ take it. Luckily, R saved me from having my shirt go missing.

Scott was trying to get Tom (aka Laird) to go to another club. Scott told some story about Tom being drunk where Scott punched him in the arm and Tom’s arm was all the way behind him (yeah, I didn’t follow it either). HOWEVER, turns out Tom had a prostheic left arm. Didn’t even notice it, but it did explain how he got my shirt unbuttoned with one hand very quickly. R was no longer interested in chatting with Tom and Scott wanted to move on. They tried to get us to come along, but the club they were going to was 80’s dance music — R, the house music king, would be having none of that. So we stayed there and just hung.

Other than that it was a fairly tame evening. Though SR did text me at one point telling me she had enjoyed herself 3 times that night. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me nothing exciting (that was sooooooooo not the case — as you’ll see.)

Chatted and flirted with a couple guys, but nothing too hot and heavy (not that that was really the plan). That’s how the rest of the weekend was. Was really looking forward to SR getting home because we had talked about having a fun Sunday night.

I ended up meeting her at Penn Station since I was in the city. We went home and ordered some food in. I ended up making us drinks and think we were both feeling very loose. We barely got through Despearate Housewives because we started making out on the couch. Finished TV, took the dog out, and got into bed pretty quickly. Starting making out and things progressed from there. I’m not gonna go into details (like I’ve said before, don’t mind sharing when others are involved, but when it’s just us — sorry), but there was a point in the fun when SR mentioned that she had was chatting with a guy on Friday night when she “had some fun.” Well, in the heat of the moment of course that lead to some interesting conversation. He was bi and wanted to have me fuck him while he was fucking SR, and all kinds of stuff like that. It was so much fun to talk like that and to even hear that that’s what she did on Friday. It was so unexpected, but fantastic. The best part is that apparently he might live close enough for us to meet with. We have our only free weekend this coming weekend. I told her to make it happen if she wanted to. I’m usually the middle man on things. It’s her turn. It’s so exciting to think that we might meet up with somene that I haven’t talked with at all, which is usually the case for SR with everyone we meet with. Plus to know that they got off together on Friday night —

ok, I’m gonna end this post so I don’t need to end up going to take care of business….

But don’t worry I’ll keep you all in the loop if it happens. I just hope that a busy week at work makes her not do anything. I’ll have to gently push and tease.


December 5, 2005 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. I bet you took care of business anyway. And that bar story reminded of a take-your-shirt-off-for-a-free-shot-story that I have.

    And, dude, you need to proofread your posts. I’m sure you meant to say you couldn’t live WITHOUT SR.

    Comment by Perfekt Dad | December 10, 2005 | Reply

  2. If you ever visit Orlando, Florida check out “The House” – a really nice Orlando Swingers Club.

    Comment by Anonymous | January 23, 2007 | Reply

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