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Clicking, or The Weekend, Part 2

Where was I?

Right moving into the bedroom. I whispered into SR’s ear that we should move into the bedroom and she said ok. I got up and took her hand and she took D’s hand. We got into the bedroom and SR got right into bed. I went right for her jeans and took those off. D just kinda hung back not sure what to do. I started kissing SR pretty intensely standing next to the bed and started to take my shirt off. D took that as his cue to do the same. I figured why stop at my shirt and took my jeans off and go into bed on the other side of SR.

D followed pretty quickly and was in bed. The three of us were in bed in just underwear.

Some of you know that I have a slight underwear fetish. I just think it’s sexy. It’s everything, but naked. Plus I must admit that sometimes there is nothing sexier then a woman in a thong and a bra or a guy in a great pair of underwear that suits him (Note to guys: Yes, some of you shouldn’t wear briefs and if you’re gonna be hooking up with someone droopy drawers and novelty underwear isn’t sexy. Women make the effort how about returning the favor). It was dark, but I did check out what D was wearing. A very well fitting pair of simple grey boxer briefs — that fit pretty damn well. Again it was dark.

So back to the three of us in bed in only our underwear. Well, not SR for that long. I took her thong off, but she wouldn’t let me go down on her.

SR was in the middle with D and me touch and kissing her. There was also some touching over SR between D and I. He was in the military for a brief stint and you can tell that he certainly learned how to take care of his body. He is built very much like me. Solid, broad shoulders, solid arms (think the reason I’m so obsessed with my own arms are the gym is that it’s awesome to feel a guy with great biceps. Then again SR had been working on her arms at the gym too and it’s awesome to feel how defined her arms are.).

Sure we had moved to a bed and we’re nearly naked, but the action wasn’t progressing much. So I went for D’s cock. I put my hand on his cock over his boxers, and well DAMN. He was very hard and his cock felt very thick. Of course, I had to go for more so I reached into his briefs and grabbed his cock right at the base with my hand gripped around it, and I gently started to pull on his cock. He responded with some gentle moans, which got SR’s hand wandering — right for my cock. Both D and I were still kissing and licking SR while I stroked D’s cock and SR stroked mine.

But that was enough. I needed to step this up a notch so I got down in between SR’s legs. I took this as the chance to also take my boxers off. She was incredibly wet and responded immediately to me. But then I couldn’t help but notice that D’s cock was still hanging out of his boxers, and I got a much better look at it. His cock was indeed very thick, but about the same length as mine. Well, temptation is a bad thing. I pulled at the waistband of D’s boxers and he took those off right away. I also figured wouldn’t it great to be able to take turns going down on SR and D together. I went for his cock.

However, SR loves going down on a guy together and shifted to take his cock. I went down for his balls (note to women: we men like it when you suck on our balls. think of our cocks like a full package…. hmmm, wonder if that’s why it’s oft-called a package.) One of the reasons I love giving oral so much is that you can tell when someone is enjoying what you’re doing by their reaction. With SR sucking his shaft and me licking his balls he starting bucking his hips ever so slightly and moaning. I could also see him running his hands all over SR’s body.

At this point it’s where things start to get fuzzy because it’s the end of the night that was the best. But suffice to say he went down on SR. He went down on me. We all made out some more. I fucked SR some, with D fingering her clit. He even got down and was licking her clit. Which was pretty great because I could feel his tongue working her clit and touching my cock.

Fast forward a while (yeah, we were in bed a long while together). I asked SR if she wanted D to fuck her. She didn’t answer really. I reached over to our naughty drawer and pulled out a condom for D. But SR got up to go to the bathroom (ok, that explains that), which left D and me in bed alone. I thought he might be awkward with that. Guess I was wrong. He grabbed my cock and starting stroking me pretty intensely. He was hesitant to kiss me so I went for his ears and nipples (which were not that sensitive just like mine). He was going pretty intensely at my cock so I had to shift things. Hmmmm… what should I do. I starting sucking him more. I knew SR would enjoy coming in to that, which she did. But she got into bed and I went for her. But I wanted to see D fuck her.

I pulled out the condom, opened it, and put it on D. D moved in between SR’s legs and entered her. However, he didn’t stay in the position for very long. Instead he got on his side underneath SR with one leg under him and the other over him. It was great because it gave me more room to play. But again things weren’t progressing enough so I moved up to SR and give her my cock to suck.

This got a reaction out of D. I heard him say “Oh yeah” and he starting fucking SR faster. That certainly brought something out in me so I started get much more verbal. Saying to SR things like “Yeah, take that cock.” ” You like him fucking you.” “Suck my cock, baby.” Then I’d say things to D like “Give it to her.” And then I said “Yeah, she likes it hard like that.” Well, the both of them responded to that. He started fucking her much harder and SR was right in rhythm with him. That’s when I starting running my hand over his arm to the back of his head and really encouraging him. He just lost all control and fucked her deep and hard. SR was moaning very loud, for her. Then D started moaning loudly and I could tell he was close. All it took was me running my hand on the back of his head and sayin “That’s it.” Then D jsut let go. It was incredibly intense and so amazing to see. He was the first guy we’ve been with who cummed while fucking SR.

So we all kinda relaxed for a second, but then I couldn’t hold back I wanted mine. Maybe it’s also the alpha male kicking in inside of me. Whenever we’re with another guy I always have to be the last to be inside SR. So I started fucking SR. I was surprised she could still take me, which meant she hadn’t cum yet. I figured at this point there was no reason to hold back so I just let loose on her. I had to be careful though because she was much further ahead of me. It was very difficult to get myself closer to cumming, but not get to her yet. She ended up cumming first, but as she tightened around my cock that put me over the edge.

D gave us a nice “Wow.” since he had been lying there the whole time watching. He got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back SR followed.

It was funny because he had put his boxers on and said to me “Guess I should get out of your guy’s hair. I’m not sure what the protocol is.” I laughed and told him there really isn’t any protocol, but that he could chill for a bit and didn’t need to leave right away.

SR came back and got between us. We kinda chatted a little, but then ended up falling asleep. SR got up at 4:00 a.m. because she doesn’t do so well sleeping in situations where she can’t stretch out like she likes. D got up at that time and got dressed. He went into the bathroom again so I got up and put some clothes on. He came out and we called him a cab to get him home. Said goodnight. He gave SR a kiss and a hug. I went for the handshake and he laughed pulled me in for a hug (gotta like a guy who isn’t afraid to hug another guy outside of a sexual context. You’d be surprised how many guys can suck your cock, but get weird giving you a friendly hug hello or goodbye).

I started this whole story talking about the random flirting online and meeting people. Sometimes there’s just something about someone that clicks that makes you think this would be a good person to meet. I’ve had that with some internet friends like PerfektDad, P/O, Emerald, and new people like Lightning. However, this was the first time I got that over e-mail with someone we could hook up with. Even better we clicked in person over beer and then even more so in bed.

Good weekend. Very good weekend.


November 8, 2005 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. Excellent! Excellent! 🙂

    Comment by Catherine Vocalist | November 8, 2005 | Reply

  2. I’m glad you had a fun “filled” weekend. Seems like one man’s miss was another man’s hit!

    Cant say Im not envious of SR tho! A gurl’s just gotta have fun! (I hear 80’s music playing…)

    OK OK OK, Im done! *sly smile*

    Yes yes, Im addicted. Thnx for a great read! LOL

    – Deidre

    Comment by Deidre | November 8, 2005 | Reply

  3. Sigh.

    If only you lived closer.

    SR and I could have some REAL fun.

    Comment by E-E | November 8, 2005 | Reply

  4. Damn, that was hot. I don’t know which of the three of you was luckiest…

    Comment by dslash | November 8, 2005 | Reply

  5. I’m so glad you have all enjoyed.

    deidre, yes she indeed a very lucky woman.

    emerald, you know the offer always stands.

    dslash, hi praise from you who have had the honor of having the hottest posting on my blog. I miss you!! where have you been?

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | November 8, 2005 | Reply

  6. Mark, Wow! It was so great to read an account that could be very much like one of my own if I hadn’t gotten too lazy to write them up lately. Glad to see you doing less thinking and more doing!


    Comment by Dee's Husband | November 9, 2005 | Reply

  7. I definitely agree that there are times you meet someone online and for one reason or another something about them seems to call you out, makes you want to know them. It’s happened to me a time or two, it’s mainly just a friendly thing but this one time…

    As for the rest… delectable. Lucky girl, that SR.

    Comment by SD | November 9, 2005 | Reply

  8. Salacious Desires you can’t just leave me hanging like that. And yes the wife was certainly the benficiary of the most fun on sat.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | November 9, 2005 | Reply

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