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Clicking, or The Weekend

Disclaimer: This one might be long, but enjoy it. It’s worth it. Promise.

I am the first to willingly admit that I am a hopeless flirt online. Maybe it’s because my nature in person is one that is more shy and reserved, despite the career I have where inter-personal relationships and being able to start up conversations with strangers is key. The majority of this flirting is done in looking for people for SR and I to explore with. But most of the time it’s just some naughty flirting. Exchange dirty pictures, some lively conversation involving experiences and the like. However, there are some connections where something is different. It might be that their first e-mail that is more than a laundry list of stats, preferences and a throwaway line like “let’s do it.” Or it might just be in chatting they are a real person and approaching things not just from a sexual level.

This is all preamble to telling you about our weekend. I promised all you crazy blog-addicts that I’d hope to have a more exciting posting for you after last weeks heavy handed drama postings. I left you all on Friday mentioning that we had plans with our bi guy friend JMac. We were hoping to find a single bi woman or bi couple for us all to meet with, but that didn’t materialize. But we were planning on meeting anyway since the three of us hadn’t gotten together in a while anyway. We planned to meethime at 9:30 at a bar. We were late so figured he’s be there already, but no. Alright whatever. We got drinks and just chilled together. Going to a bar to chat and people watch is one of our favorite things to do together. At this bar we love to sit at the front byt the window so we can people watch. This section of Manhattan has a bunch of bars that many dub “frat bar row.” So watching the wildlife is fun. By 10:15 JMac still hadn’t shown up or called. We decided to move on because the bar was dead. We went to another bar. This bar was the one where we went to just after all the bi stuff came out and we had one of our most fun nights out together, people watching and flirting. JMac never showed, but we had a fantastic night just chilling together.

The funny thing is that SR had mentioned earlier in the day that she was in the mood for meeting someone new. As you all are aware it’s not often that she initiates things so this was interesting. I told her then that we could always plan something for Saturday night. So I ended up e-mailing D, who is a single bi guy that I had been chatting to for abotu 3 weeks.

I woke up on Saturday morning and had a text message from JMac at 4:00 saying he had fallen asleep and had just woken up. I signed on to im and there he was. He felt so bad, it was kinda pathetic. But we had had such a good night (with the exception of an awkward fight over the random guys in my cell phone, but that smoothed over easily when she SR realized she was overreacting some and I got really upset that she was so upset. but talking it out prevailed.) that is didn’t matter. Plus we had plans with D for the evening.

D is a sigle guy in his early 30’s who has a high pressure career. But very cool and down to earth guy. He and I had exchanged some pretty great e-mails; the type where it takes you a couple days to respond because you know it’s gonna take you a solid 20-30 minutes to respond.

We ended up meeting at another of the infamous frat row bars. But we met early in the night before things got really busy and crazy. He was really down to earth and cool. Totally like a guy we’d be friends with. We all seemed to click and just have a good time talking over beer and mocking the crazy people around us. Oh, and he was very cute. Great build and cute face with a very sexy smile. I must admit I was distracted at some points wondering what he might look like naked.

There came a point where we all had finished our beer and we could commit to another round or we could move on. SR wasn’t taking the lead and neither was he. So I decided to say let’s get out of here. I asked him if he was willing to take a trip up north (we live north of where we were and it is a little out of the way as far as still being in Manhattan goes). He said he was up for it, which was basically all code for… yeah we’re gonna end up getting naked.

We grabbed a six-pack of beer and a cab and headed up to our apt. After taking care of the dog (potty duties and putting him in our 2nd bedroom with enough toys to amuse himself if he didnt’ fall asleep), we camped out on the couch (SR in between us), drank and chatted some more.

D came all the way up to our aptartment so it was pretty obvious where the night was going, but there sitll that point of not knowing how it’s gonna start.This is where things are always interesting because there is a lot of signals going on between the guy and I. Usually he’s looking for a signal to make a move on SR or the opportunity. Often times I will leave and go to the bathroom and come back to find the guy and SR making out. Sometimes the guy is just foward and says so what’s next. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve made the first move… until Sat. night.

I decided that I wasn’t waiting any longer so I starting touching SR. The conversation helped because she said something funny about me and I said something sarcastic back and then kissed her to make up for the comment. However, I kept the kiss going. SR and I started making out. D just sat there and watched for a bit and slowly stroked her leg. I could tell he wasn’t making any big moves until we told him it was ok. So I kissed down her neck to her breasts, which let her turn her head and start kissing him. At this point he kinda shifted and was all in. His hands got more aggressive in where they were wandering on SR’s body.

For a little while it was mainly him and I focusing on SR. Taking turns kissing her and touching and kissing her breast through her shirt and bra. He wasn’t making any bi moves so I figured I would. At one point he was kissing her and I kinda kneeled in front of the couch to life SR’s shirt to get better access to her breast. Once I had I decided to let my hands wander over to his thigh. The minute I touched his thigh I could feel him respond. It wasn’t a shock that I was touching, but more a complete relaxing of his leg and spreading his legs over.

Never one for needing a second invitation I went right for his cock. Despite his jeans I was able to get a pretty good grasp. I heard him moan a little while he was kissing SR. I didn’t linger long I just figured I needed to open all the options. I got back up on the couch and started kissing SR’s neck. It didn’t take too long for his hands to wander.

We continued the make out session a little more, but I was ready to move in the bedroom. Plus SR already had her shirt and bra off so I figured it was time to move on….

And that’s where I’ll leave it for now. I’ve gone on long enough for one post. Don’t worry the rest is to come.


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