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I haven’t exactly been counting, but it has been nearly three months since SR and I have last explored with others. Before we went away on vacation to San Francisco/Napa I had exchanged some emails with a couple who lived about 90 minutes north of the city. They seemed very cool and down to earth and they gave us a great new term to describe ourselves…. we’re heteroflexible. The one hitch was that they were 90 minutes away, but that would never stop us normally.

So we got back from California and they e-mailed us on Monday morning, which is something I so would have done. It was nice to be the pursued. They were pretty kean to meet so we decided to make plans for the weekend. They were willing to come down to us so we figured we’d meet them for an early dinner at a grea Irish restaurant/pub in lower Westchester.

SR was still feeling a little under the weather with a cold. I was all about it happening, but since I can push and take things too far I was playing it cool. So we had a nice dinner and decided to go back to our place which was only 15 minutes away. I stoped and grabbed some beer while SR drove with them.

We ended back at our apt. just hanging out and chatting. There was definitely the feeling of where is this going and then the feeling that it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. There was some chat about craigslist and that kinda made things shift a little. I also got up to go to the bathroom and everyone had shifted seats. I was left out of seat on the couch so I have to sit on the floor in front of SR. This lead to some interesting touching between SR and my and between the other woman and me. The conversation kinda subsided and the touching continued. However, I was facing away from everyone so I had no idea what was going on.

Then there was the unmistakable sound of people kissing. So I turned around and SR and the woman were kissing. We had crossed the line. We spent some good time on the couch (well with me on my knees on the floor) touching kissing… just kinda feeling each other out. My knees eventually hurt so I stood up. I figured it was time to move to the bedroom.

So we moved to the bedroom and the clothes came off. It was probably the longest time we spent with anyone else. I have no idea how long it was, but we just keep mixing thins up. Slowing it down… moving it up. It was cool.

There were two highlights and then an interesting observation.

First, was when the guy left the room for 5 minutes and it was me and SR and the other woman alone in bed. It was so awesome! It’s the one scenario we have never tried and it only made me want it more.

In the later part of the fun SR was going down on me. The guy couldn’t help himself and join in. It’s not the first time I’ve had more then one person going down on me, but for whatever reason this felt AWESOME. It was like they were in perfect sync.

Now the interesting observation. Some of you may know about the difference in guys and cock size. Some guys are grow-ers and some are show-ers. This means that if you see a guy soft it’s either the indication of what his size is hard or it’s much smaller. Now I think that most guys grow to some extent and have never seen a guy really get much bigger then when he was soft… until Sat. He wasn’t hard the first time I grabbed his cock to jerk him when he was naked and then decided to suck him. Well, after sucking him for a little bit he got hard and I was shocked to see what a great cock he had. Shocked, but sure as hell didn’t complain.

I’m really glad that we ended our 3 month dry spell… of course that only means I want more, but I’m gonna be understanding and cool. Things will happen when they so. Plus our bi guy friend that we haven’t heard from in a while im-ed us both today. Sweet.


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  1. Finally a good sex post. 🙂 I loved hearing about you going down on the guy. The two girls and one guy thing – yucky. Who have ever heard of such.

    Comment by Defining David | October 26, 2005 | Reply

  2. Mark, good going! I’m happy for you as only a fellow heteroflexible can be in appreciating such a delightful mix. Yes, I like that “heteroflexible” very much!


    Comment by Dee's Husband | October 26, 2005 | Reply

  3. david, you are so cute.

    …clearly gay as a 3 dollah bill and that’s why I love you so much!!

    Two girls and ONE guy!! Yes!!
    You must have missed my guest posting here about that a while back… I know my b/f truly enjoyed it!!

    Comment by E-E | October 27, 2005 | Reply

  4. Oh Emerald, David just likes to mess with me being into women too. He’d be much happier if I just liked guys and then he could entice me to visit Little Rock. Oh, and he’s your b/f now…. hmmmmmmm 😉

    Yes, Joe — heteroflexible is my new favorite term. It’s much more accurate then bi.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | October 27, 2005 | Reply

  5. b/f, fuk buddy, boy toy… flavor-of-the-week…
    whaddaya want from me, huh, brat?

    …go easy on me, I’m sensitive!

    and I’m sorry, but, heteroflexible sounds like some sort of weird yoga position! 😉

    Comment by E-E | October 27, 2005 | Reply

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