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Hello all… So I totaly failed in keeping up regular tabs on my trip on here, but that was because I had no internet access at all.

It was a fantastic long weekend, not least of which because the weather was fantastic. It was a comfortable 80 degrees and sunny every day, which was made even better by the fact that it was monsoon weather in nyc all weekend.

The best part of the weekend was that we loved travelling with J&R. We already knew that we had similar personalities in lots of ways, but it’s always scary to travel with friends because you don’t know if spending so much time together will mean you’ll get on each other’s nerves and end up hating each other at the end. That wasn’t the case at all. We all had the same ideas on how to plan out our days and we were able to give each other some space when we wanted it (which wasn’t all that frequently).

The one let down of the weekend (and it really wasn’t) was that we keep things pretty innocent between all of us. There were plenty of opportunities of course, but that just wasn’t the vibe of things. Though on Friday evening we had fun hanging out in their hotel room. We had gone out earlier to meet some of their friends at this great bar. We were just chatting and such, but we all ended up in their bed just kinda chilling out and touching each other. I was hoping it would go further, but it was kinda sensual and chill. It was nice to be comfortable with people and be a little more affectionate then just friends.

I will say the best part of the trip was that we decided that if we didn’t have families on the east coast we could totally pick up and more to San Francisco in a heartbeat. It’s a great city. It’s the perfect big city for us. It has some of the fun and excitement as new york, but as my wife said, none of the gravitas. It’s so much more laidback and chill. The only negative part was the homeless situation. It was very much like nyc when I first moved here in 1995. They were everywhere and very aggressive. My biggest problem is not that there are homeless people, but I feel helpless to help. There’s the debate you have in your head… I can spare some change or a couple bucks, but is that really helping them if they are not using it for positive things. I suppose it’s one of the reasons that I work in non-profit. I feel that I am giving back to society (even if the organization I work for is arts oriented).

We also LOVED Napa. We stayed in Calistoga, which is the biggest northern most town in Napa. Since we were there during the week it wasn’t as swamped as it can get. We visited a Champagne winery (I think the only one in Napa that can actually call their wines champagne). They have a huge cave system where they let the wine age. It was amazing. Plus since SR and I love champagne it was great to get to taste really great champagne. We will now be receiving quarterly shipments from them. We also went to another winery that had caves, but it was all red wines. Their focus was showing how wood plays in the taste of wine. We tasted wine directly from the barrel, often times the same blend of grapes, but int different barrels. It was amazing the difference in taste. Although I will say that we were pretty well lubricated about half way through so the ability to taste had long gone. The best part was they also made port, which is something I love. I first discovered port on our honeymoon in Portugal. On our last night I had a glass of 30 year old port. It cost me $20, and that was with an amazing exchange rate. Easily would have cost $50 in new york. Since then I’ve been trying to find a great port — FOUND IT!

So that was our week while I was away. I wish there was more exciting stuff to report. There was one story that I need to post about from the weekend, but I’m gonna do that in a separate post. I also need to play around with our pictures and will try to get some up on here to share.


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  1. oh sure, rub it in, mr. “i had such a great time out in beautiful, sunny california, while you new yorkers drowned like rats in the street.” nice. 😉

    coincidentally, while you were out there, two friends of mine were here in nyc visiting from san francisco. i think they got the short end of the weather stick!

    Comment by P/O | October 19, 2005 | Reply

  2. Welcome back, sweetie!

    I look forward to your photos… and, remember, I am a loyal fan or your HNT’s!!


    Comment by E-E | October 19, 2005 | Reply

  3. Here! Here! Hoping there’ll be a new HNT tomorrow. That’s why I luv ya, Emerald Eyes – we think a lot alike.

    Comment by Dee's Husband | October 19, 2005 | Reply

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