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So we haven’t exactly gotten on the weekly schedule of cross-polinating, but here is the next installment of something from d/e over at Further Adventures of…

The End of the Affair(?)

The last time I was with JC, two weeks ago, he smelled like onions. It was a little distracting, as that isn’t exactly the smell I most want to associate to a person. He had just come from In ‘n Out Burger where his meal of choice is a plain hamburger with extra onions. It showed.

Still, I had a hunger for him, and it was a pretty quick trip from entering his bedroom to getting us both naked.I haven’t mentioned it before, but he has a hoop in his left nipple. I sucked and nibbled his nipples a bit first while I stroked his cock awake. While he’s the most ok kisser of all the guys I’ve kissed, the onions kept me from going above his neck. I love that even his neck is well-defined and taut as I kiss it, suck it just slightly: trying not to leave a mark.

I bury my face in his belly. The soft down at his navel holds his musk from the day and breathe it in as I lick around his navel and lay kisses on his belly. His hair is very soft and inviting.

And then, of course, I was sucking his cock. I gargled and near-gagged my way slowly down to deep throating him and then slid my mouth off of him, leaving a good bit of saliva to stroke him with as I took my breath before repeating the whole process again. And again. And Again.

Soon he had me on my side and he was kneeling next to me, slowly fucking my mouth. Pumping his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. It was a wonderful sensation: his cock filling my throat of its own volition. The position brought new sensation to the deep throating; it was easier to take him all in, and keep him all in, without gagging. It was easier to breathe through my nose while he was face fucking me as well. Freed up to do so, I massaged his ass, hard as marble, as he fucked my throat, massaging the rim of his anus with my thumb (he being a top, I didn’t penetrate for fear he might react unsatisfactorily, but the temptation to do so was strong).

Finally, he was coming, though he was so deep down my throat the taste was almost nonexistent. No reciprocation was had, no ensuring I came as well occured–a first for us–and we spooned each other into sleep with me assuming we’d fuck a bit more in the morning.

Sometime in the early hours, my back pressed against his chest as we slept, I woke to the feeling of his cock hardening against my thigh. I wriggled a bit so that I could press my ass against his cock and rub against it without it penetrating me. He slowly woke up, though fairly groggy, and I went down on him figuring to make him more alert with a blowjob until he was awake enough to roll on a condom and fuck me silly.

His balls cupped tight in my hand at the base of his cock while I stroked it fervently along with my sucking, it wasn’t long before he was moaning his pleasure. This was new for him–he’s so afraid of his roommate/boss hearing him that we generally try to keep very quiet; typically I read my cues from the way he caresses, the way he responds with body language, the way he moans once or twice and much quieter–and his moans were louder, hot and very encouraging. And so I kept at it. I reached the point where I knew to stop and get the fucking going, but the auditory pleasure he was giving me kept me from stopping. It wasn’t too much longer before his cock was flooding my mouth with come. Still, I kept working his cock, milking it until it was the most unerect I had ever seen it.

And then his alarm was going off signalling his need to prepare for work. So he walked me out. We hugged and I left. I have seasonal allergies that make breakfast a really difficult meal for me to keep down. As I got into my car that morning, I had to lean out as I then spent a few minutes vomitting his load onto the street.


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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and can identify with you man

    Comment by RB | October 8, 2005 | Reply

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