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All Tied Up With No Place To Go

First, apologies to all for not posting this yesterday as I promised. There are reasons, but fact of the matter is I didn’t — so there. Thanks to “dslashe” for keeping me honest.

Second, the title of this blog was supposed to be an homage of sorts to the Meatloaf song of a similar name, but I now realize that it’s quite literal and not so “punny.” Ah well.

So the wife (SR) and I had our first truly free weekend. J&R had presented an offer for a club night out on Friday night, but the cover was $45/person (welcome to nyc) and we were/are trying to be good about spending money this month. SR had mentioned earlier in the week that she wanted to have some fun over the weekend. That can mean many things. It can mean she wants to go out for beers with friends, have some alone time for the two of us, and/or wants to explore with others. I always assume it’s the last one and then can always scale it back. I used craigslist to send out some ads looking for a bi couple (our ideal) or single bi guy or gal. Oddly it was a very quiet weekend on craigslist. Don’t know what it was, maybe everyone was enjoying what could have been the last weekend of summer weather? Suffice to say we weren’t getting anything exciting in the way of responses. Not a big deal, but disappointing.

On Saturday we did some errand running and took the pup for a nice walk. SR had gotten the new Nightlife expansion pack to Sims 2 (she’s quite addicted — sometimes I think there’s a 13 year old boy trapped inside because of her easy addiction to video games) so she was playing it most of the night. I went back and forth between hanging out on the couch with her and checking responses to our ads on craigslist. There were some and had some interesting chats, but nothing really popped. However, by about 8:30 it was pretty clear we weren’t doing anything. So I started making us drinks. J&R turned us on to this great drink called the Steel Magnolia. It’s a shot of bourbon, a shot of peach schnapps, juice of half a lemon, a splash of sparkling water, and some powdered sugar to taste depending on whether you want it tarter or not. On the rocks and stir vigorously. It’s a great summer drink. Strong, but not so much that all you taste is alcohol. We had a couple of those… then SR switched to jack & coke. That’s always a sign she wants to get buzzed.

Of course, because of all my browsing on craigslist (and other places) I was pretty worked up. So I started planning the fun for us later — I mean I was making sure our buzz was still going all night. I also decided that since SR had mentioned in the past that she wanted to be tied up, tonight would be the night.

We headed to bed around 11:30. SR made sure the dog was left out of the room (always a sign that she wants to mess around). We got into bed and were talking and just being near each other. I then moved things along by getting on top of her and kissing her pretty strongly. We are both big kissers and it’s the best way to get things going. While I was on top of her I worked my way to the table next to our bed where our “naughty drawer” is and pulled out the long scarf I’ve had in there for this exact moment.

I wrapped it around our headboard without her even noticing. Then I went on kissing her so she didn’t know that I had done anything. She’s very ticklish and her hands always tend to try to stop me from doing things to her. I let her play the little game she usually does when I am kissing her in places on her body that I know are ticklish. She kept stopping me with her hands and then I would keep going back. She thought she was winning. But just when she thought I had given up, I grabbed her hands by the wrist and pushed them over her head and tied each one in the scarf and then tied them together. She was visbily turned on by this. It was such an amazing feeling because all of a sudden I was in charge.

It was a pretty great experience. I spent the next hour teasing her. Working over her hard nipples. Going from rough to gentle to teasing to tickling and back again. At one point I went and got a tie from my closet and blindfolded her. I dripped cold water onto her stomach, which made her thurst her body upwards into me. Then I used the dildo I bought her for Valentine’s Day and made her take as much as she could and then more. Fucking her gently, but making sure it filled her up good. I straddled her chest and fed her my cock. It was amazing. I know she was enjoying it completely and wanted more.

After about an hour I decided it was time to untie her. I did and then pulled her to the edge of the bed and kneeled down next to the bed and went down on her. She was incredibly wet from the last hour of teasing. I hadn’t really been hard the whole time so I had no idea how turned on I was until I got up, stodd next to the bed ready to enter her. Once I was inside of her I don’t know what happened, but something took over me and I couldn’t hold back. She loved it. It’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted me to just fuck her — hard and rough. I’m usually more aware of her and making sure she’s “with me,” but I didn’t care. She had gotten an hour of fun and I wanted to just take her and have her…. so I did, without regret. Her reaction to it was awesome. She was loud and verbal, very encouraging, which only made me work harder.

It was one of our most intense times together. And the best part was after I was finished I watched her get herself off. I just laid on the end of the bed and watched her. Using a finger or two to help wherever she wanted me to. It was awesome, but I think I’ve mentioned that a couple times already.

I can’t wait to do it again, and despite her reservations that I won’t enjoy it I can’t wait for her to tie me up too.

So I hope that was worth the wait. I’m not usually comfortable talking so graphically about our private sex life, but this was too amazing of an experience not to share. I truly hope this is the first step in taking things up a notch between the two of us. Because while it’s lots of fun to explore with others to be able to do different things, our sex life together is the most important thing. I don’t want the most exciting parts to be defined by having others involved. That can be one part, but I want there to be incredible excitment, adventure, and exploration between the two of us. To that, I’m thinking about just buying her a strap-on to have. It’ll be there and we can see what happens. Anyone have any suggestions?


September 21, 2005 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. bet that’s very excited for the both of you and in the same time i think you kind of like a sex maniac to tie her hand with scarf although she likes it.. hehe..

    Comment by Bibiana | September 22, 2005 | Reply

  2. OMG! Could you have said you played around for an hour any more times? Wait until you have a kid…15 minutes will seem like forever. This was one of the hottest posts you’ve written. I hope SR (I’ve never figured out why you call her SR btw) is cool with it. Let her read it. If she likes it, there’s far better things to come. If she doesn’t like this being posted no harm…take it down. Dude, you’re so lucky. If anyone gets anything out of your blog it should be how fantastic honesty can be…fuck the rest of the confessions and shit. You’re so lucky…and an inspiration to anyone who’s married and looking for more creativity…and make SR read this too…I may even have to figure out how to steer my wife toward this blog.

    BTW, what’s up with LOST? It was an amazing beginning…despite the commercials every 4 minutes.

    Comment by Perfekt Dad | September 22, 2005 | Reply

  3. Yes, I could have! And actually the hour was only the time she was tied up. 😉
    As far as the SR goes… well, maybe you’ll be lucky and I’ll tell you one day.
    I know how lucky I am and hope that people do get the idea that honesty is best. Just make sure you really want to steer your wife here and that you’re ready for it.

    Oh and Lost… yeah no kidding. Awesome. Watched friends. Called the fact that the guy in the beginning was in the hatch before you heard the explosion. Then also called the fact that the guy in the arena was also the guy in the hatch. God, I love J.J. Abrams. Have never liked the Mission Impossible movies, but bet he’s gonna do amazing things with #3, despite Tom Cruise’s craziness.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | September 22, 2005 | Reply

  4. perfekto’s got one thing right–kids will drastically shorten your at home romps.

    Great blog, but I have to say: 45 bucks! Fuck. Remind me to be rich before I ever go to NYC.

    I just wish LOST had fewer Jack flashback episodes. Despite his being the somewhat main lead, he bores me.

    Comment by Dane | September 23, 2005 | Reply

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