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From the Desk of Heather Locklear

It’s special guest star time again. Just over a week again we had the first installment from The Further Adventures of… and his encounter with the new hottie in his life. Now is the second installment. This will be the start of some cross-pollination (his words) between our blogs. ENJOY! And don’t worry there should be an original blog from me later today.

My Further Education in Pornstar Cock

My second liaison with JC, again at his place, was quite the event. I had been out drinking with Emoboy and Bandito and had to have JC come pick me up at the OL-Bar (and drive me home in the morning). While I’d like to say we shared a lot of meaningful conversation again pre-fuck, I just can’t. This night I had a big hunger growing in me and I couldn’t keep myself away from his gargantuan cock for more than a few minutes.

He lay back on his bed while I slid his shorts off him and freed his already rising cock, taking it immediately in my hands and mouth. Still I marvel at its size and begin to realize that as much as I wasn’t one before, I think I might be becoming a bit of a size queen. At the same time, I feel a bit inadequate in comparison… a feeling which is lost completely as I stretch my mouth open to its widest and take his cock into me.

This time out, my gag reflex is doing a lot better at remaining suppressed, a condition that was once easy to reach prior to sucking him off. Happily, I swallow my way down the full length of his cock. While there is slight gag gurgling at his deepest point, I find myself nestling my chin and nose against his ball and pubes over and over again, and relish in the taste and feel of his cock’s full length. Between this and his hands caressing my back and kneading and fingering my ass I was in near Heaven. After some time of this, we repositioned with me on my back and his cock standing attention over me where I continued to blow him and jack him off until finally, almost silently, he filled my mouth with warm come.

He then cut the lights and we spooned as we fell asleep together on top of his covers, a fan in his window blowing cool late summer air over our bodies.

A few hours later I woke up to him massaging my cock. We made out for a while, stroking each other’s cocks before I straddled him, wedging his cock against my ass and began making out with him very heavily.

This time out, he’s able to keep his erection and slides his cock into my ass. Finally I really get a feel for how massive he is. Though he’s very gentle in entering me, the sensation is so extreme that I immediately slid myself off of him and caught my breath. Seconds later, my need for him had my ass back in the air waiting for his cock—all the while I had his pillow in my mouth, where it remained the whole while he fucked me.

And my god was he good at it. Not once did he take his thrusting too hard for my unaccustomed ass, though he kept a very good and very steady and forceful pace. It was excruciating and orgasmic, my own cock positively throbbing as his hips slapped and withdrew from my ass over and again. Every time I thought I couldn’t take more of him, I found myself still grinding my ass up deeper onto his cock. Finally, he withdrew and rolled me onto my back so that he could straddle my waist and let his come stream out all over my chest and belly. Seconds later, my come joined his.

After clean up, the sun was beginning to rise and I needed him to drive me back to Gorby’s to pick up my car on his way to work. It was almost a week before I saw him again.


September 20, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Dude, it’s three minutes til midnight and you still haven’t posted your own original blog as you said to your readers. Slacker. 🙂

    I think our experiment in cross-pollination is going to be fun. My inbox is waiting for your piece with baited breath.

    Comment by Dane | September 21, 2005 | Reply

  2. Delicious.

    And I seem to find the strangest things exceptional but I loved this part…

    […He then cut the lights and we spooned as we fell asleep together on top of his covers, a fan in his window blowing cool late summer air over our bodies…]

    The way you described that was lovely.

    Comment by SD | September 27, 2005 | Reply

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