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Dialogue — Open

Dear Raven,

I’m sorry if I offended you and the readers in any ways, but my apologies doesn’t mean that I am taking back my words because it is fair that everyone should have their own opinion and thoughts. Perhaps our living style, culture, background and environment are not the same, and therefore I couldn’t accept the way you and your wife lives life. It is for sure not about jealousy or hate… as the matter of fact we are just sharing some thoughts here I believe? As for me, there’s always another option for a better living style, and sex is not the priority. I would prefer to live in a healthy marriage where my partner and I have a privacy and intimation of our self. Not saying like a fairy tales that live happy ever after, but at least we should play our roles as a husband or wife to maintain our marriage. If divorce occurred and it is destiny then no one should be blame but our self, but I would blame for the faith that not have in me. : ) Well, we always have our own choice of living and we should not easily get influence by what others says. So suit yourself and live life to the fullest. : )



Dear Bibiana,
You didn’t offend — life truly is too short. And I am always open to anyone’s opinion. That was part of why I posted you comment and responded. I wanted to open up the dialogue. You don’t need to take back your words at all. I guess I was taken aback by the flippant way you responded initially. This response is so much more clear.

I understand that there are plenty of people out there who don’t understand or agree with who I and my wife are and how our marriage works. And that is part of the reason I started this blog because I hope that in sharing my own experiences and situations there are lessons that can be learned for people. Maybe someone can be honest with themselves and the people they are in realtionships before things go bad. Maybe in sharing how open and honest my wife and I are people will do the same as well.

I truly don’t believe that our marriage has any less value or is any less based in faith (faithfulness) because we choose to share our sex life with others.

I know that most of the people ready my blog with “be on my side,” but I don’t necessarily want that. I am VERY glad you responded twice. I hope you’ll continue reading, and hope that you’ve gone back in the archives because the one post you responded is certainly not the full explanation.

Keep reading and keep talking. I enjoy the challenging remarks and comments.

Your friend,


September 17, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. That was a nice reply from her. Luckily though you didn’t ask her approval.

    Comment by David Quinn | September 18, 2005 | Reply

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