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Take My Wife Please!

Ok, ok, ok… I know some of you are sick of the guest appearances (ok, only one of you complained), but now it’s back to regularly scheduled programming. I was feeling a little blog creativity starved. And well to be honest I’ve been busy at work, which is the best time for me to steal away for 10 minutes and write a posting. And well, I had some pretty hot stories to share so are you all really gonna complain?

So what’s going on, let me see… busy at work… it’s been “native american” summer in nyc the past couple days… my wife got fucked by another guy without me yesterday afternoon… the race in the AL East is too close for me and the wife as Red Sox fans… Yeah, not much really.

Teeheehee. You miss that 3rd one? I doubt you perverted, sexy people!

Yeah so the wife took a half day yesterday, which she really needed to do because she works too hard and it had been a long week for her by Monday evening. So she made plans with R from our bi couple friends. These were actually plans were long in the making, but I wasn’t sure my wife was gonna go through with it. R is a really flirty and sexual guy so it’s not real surprise that he would have wanted to make plans with her. My wife (heretofore SR) checked in with J to see what she thought about things and they made plans.

I obviously had no issues with it at all. She let me go and have a night alone with him so why shouldn’t I let her. What’s interesting is that neither of us would be open to the idea of the other one going and having a random hook-up with another person (man or woman for either of us) . But because we’ve become such good friends with J&R and feel comfortable with them it’s ok.

It’s kinda cool.

In a way it’s exactly what we were looking for when we set out on this journey about a month ago. We had a whole new set of variables in our relationship and we were looking to do new things. Along with that we were hoping to find some new friends to explore those things with. So in a way mission accomplished. What’s also great is that we’ve also each gotten what we both want a girl and a guy we can explore that “other” side of us alone without judgment.

So enough of the serious stuff right?!?!

The best part about SR having spent the afternoon with R is that she came home that night and told me all about it. Though she can be very shy and funny about such things. She gets all coy and funny trying to talk about them so I have to coax it out of her by asking questions in bed. It was pretty standard stuff. A lot of making out, groping, removing of clothes, then some hard fucking with her on her hands and knees and him working a dildo on himself while he fucked her. However, when we were walking our dog earlier in the evening, she made a funny comment about how she got him to do something her doesn’t normally. Of course, this was the part I was most interested to hear. But she wouldn’t tell me until later… hence the me asking her questions in bed later. They had kinda finished at one point, but she was feeling frisky and a little guilty that she had done all the work. So as she said she “made him feel good.” I asked what that meant and she got all coy and shy. So I told her if she didn’t want to tell me she could just show me. And she said “well, I don’t think I have the energy for all that.” But she did give me a brief display by kissing all over my body and then gently going down on me. She even said that she wasn’t gonna kiss up and down my legs because she already knew where it gets to me — and no I won’t share. if you want to know we can arrange a way for you to find out 😉

She was tired and didn’t finish me off, but edged me pretty damn good (now I know why I am still so damn horny today). When she finished I said that she still hadn’t told me what R did that he normally didn’t. So she told me that when she went down on him, at first he wasn’t hard, but that she got him going again (I used this opportunity to tell her that I did the same thing when he and I were alone). Of course, he couldn’t resist fucking her some more. And apparently that he was enjoying himself (or my wife, which I’m guessing is the case) so much that he did what he normally doesn’t do — he came all over my wife.


September 15, 2005 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. you wife get f**ked by another man – that is dam* so weird sigh … what the heck is going on in this world ..

    Comment by Bibiana | September 15, 2005 | Reply

  2. I see you two use the daily dog walk as some special talking time. We do too! All sorts of naughty things are said, but luckily the dog’s trustworthy and never repeats what she hears.

    Comment by Dee's Husband | September 15, 2005 | Reply

  3. IN response to Bibiana, I would totally encourage my wife to do the same, if not for my suspicion that I would have guys lined up around the block from my place if I let it go on.

    Comment by Bigg | September 16, 2005 | Reply

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