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With Special Guest Star…

Welcome, to what I hope will be the first of many Heather Locklear a la Melrose Place guest appearances. Today’s contribution is from someone who, if you read me often enough, you’ve probably have read his now defunct blog. Recent personal conflicts made it necessary for him to take down his blog where he would share posts like this. But here I’m hoping he can find some refuge from people with agendas. For those of you who have no idea who or what I’m taking about… He is a bi guy from — well lets just say about as far from New York City as you can be and still be in the continental USA — in an open marriage. He and his wife also have a cute gaggle of kids. Enjoy.

About Last Night

So, here I am telling you about the night I took off from all of the craziness that exploded in my lap two weeks ago…

Before all the shit was hitting the fan, I had been talking with two separate guys online: an older guy and a slightly younger guy (dating site profile pic included). I was to meet the older guy the same night all the shit went down-so I canceled on him (and have not rescheduled). By the next night, when I was to meet JC (the younger guy) I really needed to unwind, and decided to keep the date.

I met him after my creative writing class (it ends in the late evening) outside of his place and we went for a walk. He had very close cut brownish-red hair, the very slight beer belly that everyone in town seems to sport (it being a college party town) and an otherwise very well-defined physique. He obviously took very good care of himself. He quizzed me a bit on my relationship with the wife and the logistics of how things work with us. We talked about the shit that had just fallen in our laps and how frustrating that was, Stephen King and the portrayal of gays in literature, etc. And then we finished the walk back at his place, where he invited me in.

He snuck me in past his blind roommate whom he thinks doesn’t know he’s gay and back into his bedroom. We lay on his bed together and watched a little bit of So You Think You Can Dance, criticizing the dancers like catty little bitches. Whenever I would talk about sex or sexuality, he would get very coy before responding. It’s actually one of his more endearing qualities-a quality I find enormously cute, especially since, coyness aside, he’s very much a top.

His coyness and both of our nervousness made it take a bit of time before we actually got down to anything. Finally, I released his cock from his jeans shorts and briefs and had to restrain myself from exclaiming at how large he is. He has a pornstar sized cock: very long
(easily half as many inches longer than my slightly above average length) and very thick (and cut). He also keeps his hair very well trimmed, which is great. I immediately went to orally worshipping his member, only to find out that my mouth has a lot of trouble opening to his size and worse, I couldn’t deep throat him. Still, I sucked him long and hard to the best of my ability, pumping whatever length I couldn’t suck with my hand and occasionally taking in his balls (it wasn’t ’til our third time together that he finally revealed that he doesn’t like his balls sucked).

And we made out. And finally, though he’s not a great kisser, finally I’ve made out with a guy who wasn’t a horrible kisser (and he improves). Sweetness.

Eventually I ask him about condoms, and he gets a Trojan Magnum and informs me I’ll have to work to keep him hard (he’s one of those guys who can’t seem to keep it up when the condom rolls on). I do my oral and manual best, and he does try to fuck me from two or three different angles before giving up, unable to stay hard in the condom. He asks me to let him bareback-he won’t come in me, he promises-but doesn’t pressure me at all when I say I’m not willing and we instead end up kneeling facing each other, jacking first ourselves, and then each other, off. Here, our cocks next to each other, I really begin to feel inadequate in comparison. We make out some more while we jack off. My other hand roaming his body-every inch of him is solid muscle. It’s amazing; I’ve never been with someone so well put together physically.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and lay on his bed together for an hour or so. Then he took me to In-N-Out Burger because he was hungry. Back at his parking lot, he made it clear he wanted me to stay longer, and I wanted to do so, but I was tired and felt I should mosey home, so I did. We did the typical “call me, see you soons” that no one ever does…only we did, and the next week we got together again and had two more sex sessions in one weekend. As I write this, we’ve been together three times and are getting together again tomorrow night. He’s the first guy in years that I’ve been with sexually more than once and it feels great. I think I might be developing a bit of a crush.


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  1. The blind guy is actually JC’s roommate and BOSS. He’s afraid of discovering his boss is a homophobe and being out a job–me, I think the roomie-boss knows and is just playing along.

    Comment by slash | September 9, 2005 | Reply

  2. hi

    Comment by ChRiStOpHeR | September 12, 2005 | Reply

  3. hi my dad grounded me and i couldn’t go on the computer for almost 2 weeks. gota go read my e-mails. just wanted to say hi i don’t have time to read your blog yet.

    Comment by ChRiStOpHeR | September 12, 2005 | Reply

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