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Guys Night Out

I’ll say it upfront. There are few juicy details in this post. And while I had hoped for a little more extracurricular flirting outside of the company I was with I will say that the evening was a tremendously fantastic time.

R and I started the evening out at a bar that I’ve actually been too. And while it is a gay bar it’s one of the ones that’s been around for decades so if you’ve been in NYC long enough you’ve probably been in it. Plus they have great cabaret on some evenings, which was a night I was there previously. We then moved on to more of a club. This one was called the BoysRoom, and the name fit. Lots of cute, younger looking guys dancing in underwear and less, and there was some pretty good standard dance music. The crowd though was much more mixed in type. We then finished the night out at a bar with a bar that had guys walking up and down wearing a little as you can and not be naked.

I suppose there were two issues keeping things more relaxed and casual. First, it was a Friday night in the summer in NYC. This means that most New Yorkers are out of town with the city’s gay population taking over Fire Island. The second issue was that R and I were defintiely giving off the vibe of being together. And that was one of the best part of the evening because we got to talk (mostly about sex, but is that really much of a surprise?) and bond. But it was also very nice to be able to be open in public with another guy. It’s not an experience I’ve ever had. I was able to be the ridiculous flirt I know that I can be (but am often not) and tease him, touch him, and kiss him and it really didn’t matter. It was fun.

But a couple highlights…

R didn’t think I was much of a dancer, but that’s because I really need to be in the mood. Plus my wife is a great dancer so I’m more than a little intimidated by her. However, when we were in the BoysRoom I was really feeling it, and I really got to show off for him… He was totally into it even though they were playing R&B, and he’s more of a house guy. Guess it much have the hot guy dancing with him.

Another thing that happened in the BoysRoom was me really stepping outside of myself. R had gone to the bathroom. I stayed and danced. There were three guys together. It was pretty obvious that two of them were together and the third was a friend along for the night. The friend was pretty cute so I figured I’d move in and see what happened. The couple totally saw it and were encouraging him. However, we was definitely shy and wasn’t responding. At first I thought it was because he wasn’t into me, but that definitely wasn’t it. He was looking at me, but when I’d catch his eye he’d look away (something I know all about, but have gotten better about). He was talking with his friends and they were obviously trying to get him to dance with me. They even moved to dance behind me so I was in between him and them. But he didn’t give in. It was fine… at least I felt cool about stepping outside myself and having a little harmless fun.

The final story of the evening was at the end of the night. R and I were in the last bar and had both gone to the bathroom, which was downstairs. It was after 4:00 a.m. so the bar was closed, but like all bars in NYC if you were in you could stay. There weren’t many people around. So we were hanging down there and making out (not in the bathroom, but outside of it). There was this guy who came out of the bathroom and was walking back up the stairs and going slowly watching us. So R called him back down. The guy said he was just watching and didn’t want to interrupt. And he didn’t know what our deal was. Which led to the funniest exchange of the evening:
R: “So Mark what is our deal?”
Me: “I don’t know R. Do we have a deal?”
R (to the guy): “No, we don’t have a deal.”
This led to some further talking and R taking the guy’s number.

So while I wish I could say there were some crazy stories of me making out with a bunch of guys or getting hit on — that just wasn’t the vibe for the night. We’re gonna go out again sometime. This time though we’re gonna find a place that has music R is more into and not spend so much time together.

The other fun thing was that the sexual tension was pretty high between us. We’ve talked about our various experiences and my limited experience with anal. He wants us to have a night in at his place to go play with their collection of toys. The goal is to do it on a night when the girls are gonna go out together. Not sure if it would happen, but I’d be up for it. It’s very fun to friends with another guy that you can be so completely open with. One minute we canbe talking about our past, various sexual things, or even our wives and then the next minute we could be making out. It’s totally bizarre from the outside, but it’s pretty cool from the inside.

The only thing I wonder… when can I get a night alone with his wife too?

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August 29, 2005 - Posted by | Explori-stories


  1. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for details on your night out. Glad you had a good time.

    Comment by Eric | August 29, 2005 | Reply

  2. Ah…this brings back memories. I haven’t been in a gay bar in over 8 years.

    Comment by Perfekt Dad | August 30, 2005 | Reply

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