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From the Spam File Mondays No. 1

Ok, so other bloggers have started some regular features to their blogs to give people a reason to keep coming back. As my contribution to this I present “From the Spam File Mondays.” Each Monday I will provide you with the full text from an e-mail that has landed in my Spam folder with sarcastic commentary from me of course. Readers highly encouraged to play along!!

And so without further preamble I present


To: raven in nyc
From: Maryann Gifford (einsteinrules777
Subject: Girl Eats And Plays With Nasty Cum

Brunette with shaved pussy
Briana blaze engulfs fat cock
A posing woman from Percy
horny teen caught masturbating fucks her boss
A girl posing from Percy

link withheld to protect the innocent

Naughty Samantha
mature silver dildo in all holes before fuck


– Wow, thanks Maryanne I’ve always wanted to see a girl eat and then play with cum… though I am wondering how that works?

– Oh, and your e-mail address… while I’m sure Einstein was as randy a dude as the rest of us something tells me he had better things on his mind then a brunette with a shaved pussy. Though that does bring up an interesting question — when did women start shaving their pussies? There must be some sort of anthropological evidence to help answer that question.

– BUT there are bigger questions to answer like who the hell is Percy? And why do women pose for him? I mean if that’s what gets his rocks off fine, but if I’ve got a nude woman in front of me I’m expecting a hell of a lot more than posing.

– However, it’s the mature silver dildo that truly scares me.


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  1. I always love the lesbians take huge black dick spam messages. Maybe these people should look up the term “lesbian”

    Comment by David | August 16, 2005 | Reply

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