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I’m Not the Jealous Type — Part II

Ok, Ok, Ok… I know that I’ve neglected to finish the story from Wednesday night. But glad to see at least one of you notice and was getting annoyed.

I left work just after I posted my message and just as my wife was arriving at J’s place. I needed to stop at a drug store and pick up some condoms because he only had 2 left and wanted more… you know just in case. He and I have talked about him fucking me so it was probably a good idea.

I arrived at his place right at 7:30 as my wife had expected (he had no idea when I was showing up). He buzzed me into the building. I knew he lived in the apartment next to the elevator so I decided to fuck with them a little. I called the elevator, pushed the button for the 3rd floor, but decided to walk up. I let the elevator take it’s sweet time. Heard it open and close and slowly meandered my way upstairs. I had told him to just leave the dor unlocked. I make my way up and open the door and…

NOTHING! The two of them were standing there fully clothed looking at me and smiling. Ok, It was pretty obvious there had been some stuff going on. Beers were empty on his coffee table, and my wife’s shirt was all twisted around. Her hair also had that matted look in the back from having someone grab her from the back of her head. I was disappointed, but not altogether surprised. My wife was comfortable meeting him first, but I knew she would wait until I got there to take things further. However, I figured he would have moved her along. Oh well, not much was lost though because I came in and gave my wife a kiss like we normally do when we see each other. Then of course he moved in to kiss her. I of course made a funny comment like “so that’s all I missed, huh?” To which they both kinda giggled.

I went into the kitchen to grab myself a beer because it’s new york city in august and no matter if it’s oppressively hot or not you still get all sweaty just from all the walking. I also wanted a reason to watch more.

When I cam back they were still standing in front of the couch and making out. I decided to get right behind my wife and start kissing her neck. It’s something she loves, but something I know makes her squirm. It also gave me a great excuse to put my hands around her and start working her breasts, which was for his enjoyment too.

I’m pretty clear about how open and bi I am to anyone we’re with, but I generally let the other guy make the first real move because I know I can get out of control sometimes. Of course it didn’t take long to feel a pair of strong hands start running up and down my arms. Actually I think he even noticed that I am much more worked out then the last time we saw him because he was really working my biceps — which felt awesome.

There had been enough kissing between the two of them so I turned my wife’s head and had her kiss me. Of course, he loves it when we’re all 3-way kissing so he moved in pretty quickly. Early on he told me that he’s not really into kissing guys, but that went WAY out the window after the second time we met.

Moving a head a little. Shirts come off. My wife’s skirt comes down. His shorts come off. His boxers comes off. Then her bra comes off. So I’m in khakis and dress shoes from work. Shoes are always the most cumbersome part of getting naked during sex. I have no trouble with bras, but shoes just ruin the rhythm. But I didn’t need to worry about that because the other two could occupy themselves. I sat on the couch to took my shoes off. He takes that as a single to pull her over to his bed (this is new york people. it’s a studio apt. living room and bedroom are all the same room). I decide, well he wanted some time alone, so maybe I’ll just drink my beer and watch.

And they put on a great show. They were making out pretty hard. Their naked bodies pushed up against each other. She stroking his great cock and he fingering her pussy. It was amazing because it truly was almost like I wasn’t there. I was just sitting back on the couch, drinking a beer and watching my own in-person porno starring my wife and one of our friends.

Then things progress to my wife going down on him. At this point she looks at me and tells me to come over. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to come over and share his cock with her. She even teased me with his cock by taking it out of her mouth, stroking it, and teasing the head of it with her tongue all while she was watching me. But I wasn’t ready to join in. I was enjoying the view too much. Plus I could see him watching me from over her shoulders. There was this huge grin on his face. So I gave him the knowing glance of, “the only reason that’s happening is because I’m letting it happen.”

I gave them a little while by which point she was really going to town on his cock. So I got up, stripped outta my pants and joined them on the bed, but it wasn’t cock I wanted. It was her pussy. I knew she was gonna be very wet from having spent all that time sucking his cock. So I got between her legs, pushed her g-string aside, and dove right in. Of course, I was right. She was wet and sweet, and her clit was throbbing. It wouldn’t have taken very much to make her cum, but I know my wife. She cums very hard and so once she does her body jus shuts down. It’s funny because it’s more like a guy’s reaction. Whereas unlike most guys I stay pretty hard after I cum and as long as there’s some stimulation I can keep going and work to another orgasm.

While I was going down on her she was still going down on him, but now she wanted me to suck his cock. She pulled me towards her to kiss her and then pushed me to his cock. I was more than happy to share. He was now laying on his back. I was going down on his cock pretty far — farther than my wife. I love deep-throating even if I have a quick gag reflex. I figure the more I try to take, the more I’ll ultimatley be able to take. But then I also moved down to his balls because I know that is an area that my wife does ignore, and what guy doesn’t like having his balls sucked? So there my wife and I are… me sucking this guy’s balls and her sucking on his shaft. To say the look on his face was priceless is an understatement.

But now it was my turn. I pulled away and put my cock in front of my wife. She didn’t miss a beat and neither did he. I can’t properly describe how awesome it is to have two people working your cock together, especially when it’s a guy and a girl… more than that your wife and a very straight-acting bi guy.

What I love most about getting naked with J is that he is your typical guy’s guy. He’s got the frat guy group of friends he goes and gets drunk with. He’s a terrible flirt and is always trying to pick up women. He’s a huge sports fiend… BUT he loves cock. And while he’s always said that he doesn’t usually just hook-up with guys alone… I’m not so sure about that because while he can be very into my wife he can be very into me too. He completely enjoys sucking my cock and on 3 occcassion over the course of the evening he came in to kiss me. I LOVE IT!

Now that my cock had been well sucked I decided to move things along. I got between my wife’s legs and slide my cock right into her. There are some times when you need to take it slow and get her used to it, but that night she just took me all in one motion. Of course, he got totally off on it. In all our other times he usually fucks her first, but not tonight. And I could tell it’s exactly what my wife wanted. He knelt next to her so she could suck his cock, but it was mainly me stroking him while I was fucking her hard. But I had to slow things down some so I pulled out and went down on her.

J didn’t miss a beat. He got a condom from his dresser and got right in there. Now he has a bigger and thicker cock than I do. In fact, it seems we tend to meet with guys who do. I have a pretty average size cock (nothing to complaing about and have gotten my fair share of compliments), but we seem to attract the guys with bigger cocks. Not complaining, just pointing it out because a bigger cock is not something my wife is used to. And I love seeing her take a bigger cock. Watching her get lost in getting fucked by another guy and having it feel completely different then me.

So they fucked for a good while. He was pounding her VERY hard and she was moaning a lot (which is another things she normally doesn’t do). Of course, I take that as an opportunity to kiss her and see her try to focus on kising me, but then just get distracted by being fucked and needing to moan.

He then finished up. I couldn’t tell if he had cum or not, or if she had. Come to find out it was neither. So I took over and while he went to get rid of his condom I didn’t just slide right in and started fucking her. But now we were alone so there was a moment where things shifted and it was now us making love. But there was an urgency in it. She knew that I knew how to fuck her. What angle to put her at so that my cock entered in the perfect way to rub against her clit and hit her g-spot. It was pure passion. And when J came back I could tell he was blown away. He kneeled next to us and starting stroking his cock. He jerked his cock and cummed into his hand and at that moment I could feel my wife cum. She clampt down on my cock hard and arched her back up. It was amazing because it was the kind of orgasm she usually has when we’re alone, not with others.

Her and I just stayed there, me still inside her the both of us panting heavily. J went into the bathroom to get clean up.

We all then collapsed on the bed. The three of us naked and sweaty with my wife between us. There was some gentle stroking going on, but the most interesting thing was that it was mostly him stroking me.

So that was our night. It was the first time in a couple months since we’d been with someone else and the first time I had had a guy in as much time. It was a pretty great way to get back on the horse. And proves again that it’s not worth being the jealous type.


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  1. You tell the story very well, not rushing it, not overplaying your hand. Very sensual, too. Appreciate you sharing.

    Comment by W. S. Cross | August 12, 2005 | Reply

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was afraid it was gonna be too long, but I didn’t want to leave out any of the better details or adding some commentary.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | August 12, 2005 | Reply

  3. Excellent. A very hot report. You are lucky to have such a wife.

    Comment by Holiday | August 15, 2005 | Reply

  4. phew, glad you finally posted it! nice. πŸ™‚

    Comment by P/O | August 15, 2005 | Reply

  5. Holiday: I know it and am reminded of it every day of my life. I wish every man could be so lucky.

    P/O: Another satisfied customer I hope? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for pushing me to post it.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | August 15, 2005 | Reply

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