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I’m Not the Jealous Type

One of the things that makes my relationship with my wife so strong is that neither of us is the jealous type. We never have been. From the very beginning of our relationship I always took guys hitting on her as a compliment. Also, loved seeing guys dance with her at the club thinking they had a chance with her. I didn’t care because I always knew who she was coming with. Even now I enjoy more. It’s become a funny male power thing for me. She could be dancing with a guy at a club and I’ll come over and dance with her. And just when he gets all pissed that I moved in I’ll flash my wedding band or hers, just he knows, and then move away and let him continue dancing. Not a single guy has walked away yet. Plus it’s part of one of my fantasies to have us pick up a guy/girl/couple casually at a bar/club like that.

To prove my point further. Right now my wife is at that apartment of our bi guy friend, J. We’ve hung out with him a number of times (not all sexual) and have fucked around together 3 times. Though he’s always talked about wanting to be alone with her. He’s talked about meeting her for lunch, but we decided it would be more fun to have him start the night out alone with her and then I’d join later.

She just called to say she arrived at his apartment so now I’m getting ready to leave and casually make my way over there. I figure I’ll give him a good half hour to drink a beer, have some small talk, and give her the gift he got her for her birthday (a red g-string). Then maybe another 30 minutes or so to “be alone with her.” Don’t want to give him too much time, but want to make sure I’m coming in on something very fun.

I’m figuring that at the end of it all I’m the one who’s gonna win out most. My wife is gonna want to make sure I’m cool with things and focus on me. And I’ve already told him that he owes me big time (and he already owes me for some porn I shared with him) for letting things go down this way (even though I find it just as hot).

So there you go … I’m not the jealous type. I mean why should I be when the end results have the potential to give me as much as it does my wife?

p.s. I’ll be sure to give more details tomorrow. It’s been a while since I’ve put up a purely pornographic post.


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  1. um, we’re waiting… 🙂

    Comment by P/O | August 12, 2005 | Reply

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