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Perfect Fit

Now get your minds out of the gutter!!! Ok, ok I’d take the title as dirty as well, but was actually being sincere with that.

I’ve mentioned a bi couple in a couple previous posts that we’ve become friends with over the course of the last couple months. They are really great and are pretty much the ideal couple we’ve been looking for. They are both very bi and very open about things. They also love going out and exploring various nightlife activities, which is always something we want to do, but never get the courage up to do.

However, the greatest thing about them is that they are at a point where they are much more open about things. He has had long term boyfriends in his past and really explored the gay lifestyle of things more. He has experienced many things that I suppose I could have when I was in college. His wife is very much like mine. She’s more reserved, but there a highly tuned sexual person underneath there. Though I think she is much further along than my wife in being more open, but I think that’s because there isn’t much choice, but not to be with her husband as open as he is.

They have already given us some great experiences. They one they took us to a Burning Man party. We like the idea of the Burning Man culture, but there is no way you’d get either of us out there because of our aversion to camping in normal climates, let alone an extreme climate. However, it’s just one of the ways that they are great for us because they let us go outside of ourselves and explore things we might not otherwise.

Where I really see things being beneficial is that they are more open sexually with each other. We’ve actually only gotten naked with them once (even though we’ve hung out half a dozen times, which has been great because a real friendship has developed). However, I’m looking forward to much more because I think that they will help my wife work through some of her inhibitions, especially as they relate to the bi side of me (I wish she’d play with my ass more, and the idea of having her fuck me with a strap on is too much to even allow myself to think about). But what’s great is that we all seem to click really well sexually. He and I are very similar (except he’s a got a bigger and nicer cock – eh, whadda ya gonna do?) as are the women. The first night we met we knew that things were not gonna go anywhere because female schedules got in the way. However, that did not stop him and I from making out in the bathroom. Kissing, jerking, and sucking included. It wasn’t something that surprised either of the women.

Plus there are lots of great opportunities for the future as well. My wife and I have talked about boys and girls only nights out. He and I have talked about going to a mostly gay club (which is something I’d love to do). There is lots of great potential to expand the way my wife and I approach things because we feel so comfortable with them on so many levels. So the idea of me having a night alone with a guy if it was him (or a night alone for my wife with a woman if it was the other woman OR any combination in between) is exciting and not something to be concerned about.

Just from spending time with them we’ve become more open with each other and have really grown in our relationship and sexually. But what’s really nice is the we feel like we’ve made two great new friends. Now if only we could get naked with them again soon!! I’m sure they’ll be featuered members often in posts.


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  1. It sounds like you have met a great couple. Also, if you like him and plus they can help your wife open up even more, then I think that’s fantastic. I however am not asking for pictures this time because last time you posted a photo a plastic cock. 😦

    Comment by David | August 8, 2005 | Reply

  2. Yes, it is pretty great.

    Hey you gotta be specific in your requests for pictures, but don’t think I’d splash their pictures all over my blog in the same way I won’t splash mine.

    Comment by Raven in NYC (aka Mark) | August 8, 2005 | Reply

  3. Me and the Missus (I know that should be the Missus and I but it just does not have the same personality) talk all the time about meeting a couple that we can be friends in and out of the bedroom with but alas it has yet to be. Did you post about your burning man experience? From following your link it sort of reminds me of an old movie called “The Wicker man”.

    Comment by Mister Freeky | August 10, 2005 | Reply

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