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Another Reason 9 Is One of My Lucky Numbers

So I’ve talked about the first time my wife and I met with anyone else. I also mentioned that this bi couple was also the first people – let’s call them Adam & Eve – to introduce us to a group situation. This happened last December. A&E had met an older single guy who they had created a friendship with. It was a little strange on the surface from them telling us about it. He was a successful British lawyer who would take them to dinner and then watch them have sex. It was a little bizarre, but not as out there as other people we’ve run into in our explorations. Plus we liked them so if they whored themselves a little who were we to judge.

So the three of them decided that the guy would host a party for the other bi couples they knew. The party would be in his two apartments that he (or his mother it’s not entirely clear) owned on Park Avenue. We’d all meet, have drinks, get to know each other and see where the evening went. There ended up being 4 couples, the single guy host, and then another single girl and guy — 11 in total. The only connection we had was that we had all met A&E and were all bi in some way.

Going in my wife and I had no idea what to expect. I was all for doing it (I’m a slut I’ll admit it). My wife was a little more reluctant, but willing to give it a try. We kinda decided that we’d try it out once and see what happened. No expectations, no rules. Just have a fun evening. We had previously explored the various clubs and private parties that exist in new york, but there were two issues for us (well, two for me at least). First, we weren’t so keen on the large party and the anonymous nature of the sex. We like to get to know people a little before we start fucking. Second, and this was more for me, the men at those parties don’t tend to be bi or at least don’t advertise it. Not that it’s a requirement, but on the occassions we do have fun I’d like to be to have all the options available. This situation was more ideal because there was the understanding that we’d all have drinks and munchies and chat at first. Plus we all had connections in common so it helped.

It was slightly intimidating to arrive at a beautiful Park Avenue apartment building knowing what you were going to do, but we got over it pretty easily. Suppose it helps that the field of work we are both in puts us in contact with mega-rich people on regular occassions.

We got to the apartment and Adam opened the door. Oddly enough, we were right on time, but the last ones there. That worked for us. It was a beautiful apartment and the wine was fantastic. The nicest thing was that the people were pretty cool. All very different personalities, but the conversation flowed very nicely. Actually we were all getting along so great that there was an abrupt shift to move to the apt. next door where the fun was to happen.

Of course, now everyone got awkward and funny. It’s one thing to know what you’re all there for, but it’s another to all of a sudden have the evening shift to “Ok, let’s get naked.” Everyone, took the time to replenish drinks. I can’t even recall how things really got started, but I’m pretty sure the single girl started kissing the guy who was hosting. Though I do know that Eve and I moved into a bedroom as a big first move. We were making out in the bed and I was taking her clothese off. Then Adam, my wife, and another couple followed in. The six of us would become the core group for the night. The fourth couple were a little odd because the female only wanted to watch, but the guy got very involved. The single female was more of a flirt and was happy to be topless and direct things. The single guy was younger than all of us and was kinda figuring out where his place in the mix was. Our host only wanted to watch at first, but that would change dramatically over the course of the night.

There were two main areas of play. There was the bed in the bedroom and a pull out couch in the living room. There was a dining room where there was some food and drinks and so people would go in there to rest.

When you get 11 (9 of whom are being actively involved) people naked the options to explore are pretty far and wide. However, the women definitely became the focus the night. There was some mutual cocksucking between the guys, but that was about it.

However, the most interesting thing of the night was my wife. She was by far the most popular person there that evening. There were 5 other men as part of the group. My wife was fucked by each of AT LEAST ONCE. There were also 2 other women actively involved. She was heavily involved with each of them pretty often. I spent much of the evening having fun with Eve (because I found the other woman to be very cold and clinical about things… and she just wasn’t my type). Eve is very much my type. Very natural body and very aggressive. And I sucked a fair enough cock to be satisfied. But it was my wife that was the most exciting part of the evening. It was like something clicked in her and she decided she was just gonna have a really great time… and boy did she. The guy who’s girlfriend was just watching couldn’t get enough of my wife. I lost count after the 4th time he went back for me.

The other interesting part of the evening was that our host really came out of his shell, to Adam & Eve’s shock and amazement. Apparently he had only watched them before. There was a lull in the action at one point in the evening and he was in the bed with me and my wife. That’s when things kinda turned for him. He was VERY into us both. Guess we are just a very hot and sexy couple (ok, even I laughed out loud at that). But by the end of the evening he was hanging around with us a lot. He tried to get us to stay over, but we didn’t want to step on Adam & Eve’s toes in a way. The post-script to it all was that we ended having dinner and… at his apartment a few times.

It was a pretty wild experience. One I’m not sure if we’d want to do all the time. Ok, I would to, but I don’t think it would be good for us to do it together as a couple because you do lose the connection with your partner and have to make sure you reconnect often throughout the night. However, that is part of the fun. You are allowed to go get lost in someone(s) else while your partner is doing the same.

The other great outcome of the evening is that I think it started to break down a lot of the walls my wife had built up around sex. She let her inhibitions go and allowed herself to give in to the fun and pleasure. It has been about 7 months since our first and only group experience and she has opened up so much more since then. Our sexual relationship is growing as much as the rest of our relationship has. I’m looking forward to seeing where else it progresses.


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