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Summer Distractions

It would be very tempting to continue the conversation on the true nature of bisexuality, and I’m sure the, now 3 people, who probably read this on a fairly regular basis want more juicy details on “swinging,” but I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t make this entire blog about sex or bing bi since that is not the only thing that defines me as a person. Heck it’s not even the most defining thing about me. Posts like this one probably are more defining.

Summer is the time of year that my wife and I really put our TIVEO (ok, it’s really a Digital Video Recorder cable box but it’s easier to just call it a TIVO) into overdrive. Since our usual TV shows we’re obsessed over (Alias, Lost, Gilmore Girls in particular) are on summer hiatus we dive into the guilty pleasures of summer reality shows and the stuff on basic cable we miss in the other part of the year. So here are the shows we’re getting obsessed with:

1. Blow Out (Bravo): We got sucked in over the 4th weekend since Bravo was playing a marathon on Friday night. It follows celebrity hair stylist, Jonathan Anting “but leave that part off please” and his stylists. He’s obviously the main event because he’s an arrogant prick who is so self-absorbed and self-obsessed. His mantra is that he’s just about hair, which is shockingly simplistic, but you actually believe him. Oh and he’s not gay, which is a fun stereotype to mess around with. BUT see here is the thing that is most interesting… For all his arrogant antics his staff loves him and you can honestly see that he is a great boss and really cares about his people. It’s really a great lesson in management and business drive. He knows what he wants, but understands the importance of his staff in making him big.

2. Sports Kids’ Moms & Dads (Bravo): This is the offshot of last summer’s obsession Showbiz Moms & Dads. It’s actually much better. While there is the crazy cheerleader mom who is obviously living out her fantasies through her daughter, who bless her heart is just having a good time with it despite her crazy mom. It’s great to see her tell her mother to relax and that things will be fine. However, there are some really great stories. There is a boy who is skating, but the real story is about his mom. She obviously didn’t have the courage to do something like this as a kid and is pushing her son so he doesn’t miss out. There’s also two sisters (though they really only focus on one) who ride horses whos single mom can’t afford for them to do it anymore. The mother is obviously jealous of the one daughter who they focus on more. You can see times when the mother is obviously sabotaging things. (Oh, btw, the one sister they focus one is beautiful – I’m gonna leave it at that since she’s underage. Someone should tell her she should just take up some modelling to cover the riding costs. The best thing about the show is that while they try to push the cliches, in most cases they are really great stories about parents and kids and the role of sports in america.

3. The 70’s House (MTV): This just premiered last night and was a hoot. The premise is they throw a bunch of people who think they are gonna be on Real World or Road Rules in a house where they have to live like they are in the 70’s. It’s a concept that might get old, but it’s hysterical. Really the draw is Dawn, who is the house’s 70’s tour guide. You can tell she’s an actress who is loving the job. She’s hysterical. You can also tell the people who created it must have had a great time putting it together. There is this one gimmick where when the participants here a bell ring they have to break into the hustle. I mean c’mon that’s f-ing funny as hell. Can you imagine the meeting where that came up? “OH! OH! OH! Let’s make them drop everything and have them dance the hustle when they hear a bell ring.”

So that’s the round-up for now. I’m sure it will shift in a week or so. Although we also caught an episode of Real World- Austin. The Real World concept is dead, which is sad. They should just call it Hook-up House and stop the false advertising.

FINALLY, speaking of programming. Fair warning for those just getting hooked on my blog (even that gave me a chuckle)… the wife and I will be on vacation next week and then I start my new job the week after that. Might be quiet for a bit, but will update as best I can. Hopefully I’ll have lots of stories to share from vacation. I’m also gonna try and promise to put up one more juicier post before I leave.


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