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Human Resources – Is Neither Humane or Resourceful? Discuss!

I just had my exit interview for my current job. What a waste of time. I’m not all that surprised really, but at least put up the front that you care about what I have to say. At my last job I had to write a paragraph and then had a 45 minute conversation with someone in HR. Do I think they actually applied my comments to changing the culture — of course not — but at least I felt that my time there and my thoughts could be valued. Here are the questions I was asked, it lasted a total of 10 minutes and 3 minutes of that was small talk.:

Why are you leaving?
What is your supervision like?
How is cooperatin within your department?
How is cooperation with other departments?
What did you like about the Garden?
What didn’t you like about the Garden?
Anything else to add?

The best part was the HR person I met with was new and she was surprised at how simple the process was. She even made the comment that she wasn’t used to it being so brief and that at her last job it was much more involved.

This just goes to my whole thought, that I think is universally agreed upon by everyone EXCEPT HR professionals, that the term Human Resources is a misnomer. More often than not they deal with people in such a clinical, emotionless way that you feel as though you are simply a social secruity number with a job title and a salary number attached to it. Plus they give you an answer, but more likely than not it’s a half answer or not a direct answer to your question.

I understand that in our legal happy society HR people need to be careful with the ways they conduct themselves. But I always feel as though you’re the enemy. Once you’re in the organization you’re a hassle. Either you are someone with a problem or you’ve created more work for them because you’re resigning. It’s as though they are surprised that this is part of their job. Human Resources is inherently about conflict resolution. Guess HR people just forget that and become jaded and mean. But darnit if they haven’t perfected that fake “fuck you” smile though!


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  1. I’ve never even had an exit interview.

    Comment by Perfekt Dad | June 29, 2005 | Reply

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